A Warm Welcome to Honor Oak Baptist Church
A Warm Welcome to Honor Oak Baptist Church      

What’s different about Baptists?

We believe in having a local Church for the local community. We believe that everyone is equal in the Church, but we elect our own leaders, and the members have a say in how the Church is run. Baptists are all in agreement about following the teachings of the Lord Jesus, but each local congregation has the freedom to practise and teach in their own way.

for more information please see the Baptist Union of Great Britain www.baptist.org.uk

Become a Church Member 


 At Honor Oak, we welcome new members.

If you wish to become a member, please visit us on a Sunday

and talk to one of our deacons.


A brief history of HOBC

The land for the church was purchased in 1887.

The hall was opened as a school in 1888.

The church was officially formed in 1889.

The opening of the chapel was on Good Friday, 1892.

The church grew, and they were pioneering in appointing women deacons in1919.


In 1926, there was a split in the church when 25 members left.

(They became Honor Oak Christian Fellowship.)

Honor Oak Baptist Church reformed with 54 members in 1927

and joined the London Baptist Association in 1928.

In 1998 the Church building was declared a ‘Grade 2’ listed building.

In 2004, planing permission was granted to convert the hall and part of the church building into flats and to refurbish the otherpart. The pipe organ was relocated to a church in France.

 2011 - The ‘new’ Church building opens in its current form

Recent Ministry

2004 – 2014 Rev Paul Gardiner

2015 - Michael Lovejoy, Minister in training during the interregnum

                                                      2015 – 2021 Rev Joyce Grant


2022 - Church reopens after Pandemic and meets in the hall


2023 - Barbara Kingsley our long serving Secretary goes to be with the Lord


2023/ 2024 - The Church begins the process of finding a new Minister 


2024 - Church appoints Jane Chopping as new Church Secretary but in a different format to previous Secretaries 

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