A Warm Welcome to Honor Oak Baptist Church
A Warm Welcome to Honor Oak Baptist Church      

What is a Baptist?


We believe in having a local Church for the local community. We believe that everyone is equal in the Church, but we nominate leaders within the Church, and members that have a say in how the Church is run. We are together as Baptists with the teachings of the Lord, but we have autonomy to practice and teach locally as a congregation.

for more information please see the Baptist Union of Great Britain www.baptist.org.uk

Become a Member 


At Honor Oak we are always looking for people to become new members of our congregation.

If you wish to become a member please visit us on a Sunday and talk to one of our existing members, deacons, our pastor or Church secretary.


A brief history of HOBC

1887 -- Caroline Naylor sold the land on the corner of Forest Hill Rd and Mundania Rd to the trustees.
1888 -- Hall opened on 1 February as a school.
1889 -- Church officially formed with 39 members.
1892 -- Opening Service of the chapel on 15 April - Good Friday.
1893 -- Two classrooms added to the hall costing £300.
1900 -- Purchase of the organ from Mr Hunter for £250.  Records show there were 165 members, 27 Sunday School teachers, 310 scholars and a total of 10 baptisms.
1911 -- Great concern over finances and paying church debt.
1919 -- The appointment of women Deacons.
1922 -- The platform in the hall was enlarged.
1926 -- 25 members severed their connection with the Baptist Union and vacated premises. They became the Honor Oak Fellowship Centre.
1927 -- Church reformed with 54 members.
1928 -- The church joined the London Baptist Association.
1932 -- Electric lights were installed in the church.
1934 -- Adoption of the Marriage Act meaning either the Pastor or Secretary registered to officiate at weddings.
1934 -- Installation of electric blower for the organ.
1942 -- Debt cleared with much rejoicing!
1944 -- Roof/windows of both buildings suffered war damage.
1951 -- Hall officially opened.
1952 -- 35 Netherby Road bought by a Deacon and lent to the church as a Manse rent free for 3 years.
1953 -- One of the steeples deemed unsafe and removed.
1954 -- Church re-opened.  Manse bought for £3,220.
1957 -- Gas heaters installed in hall and the old boiler removed.
1961 -- Infra-red heaters installed in church.  Sub-station built.
1962 -- New kitchen built.
1967 -- First mini-bus purchased – it lasted 2 years.
1969 -- Play school started – it lasted 27 years, thanks to Miss Rene and Miss Florrie.
1981 -- Netherby Rd property sold. House in Underhill purchased as church manse.
1991 -- Centenary celebrations.
1998 -- Church Listed – Grade 2.
2004 -- Planning permission granted.  Organ relocated to France (see pictures below)
2009 -- Church building handed over to the developers.
2011 -- The “new” Honor Oak Baptist Church building re-opens.

2014 -- Pastor Paul Gardiner Retires after 10 years of service at HOBC

2015 -- Michael Lovejoy along with his Wife Jenny join as trainee Minister whilst the Church is in interregnum


2015 -- Rev Joyce Grant joins as new Minister

2016  ........?

2017 …….

2018 --  Pastor Joyce Grant took a Sabbatical from September to November

2021 -- Pastor Joyce leaves and we start our Refocus course July 2021



This imagine show the back half of the Church with the suspended ceiling and vestibule



An image showing a set of pews

The top image is taken from the vestibule looking towards the front of the Church






The second image shows the front of the Church, as part of the redevelopment there are now three levels in the 'new' building




This image shows the front set of pews past the suspended ceiling seating area

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