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"And Adam called his wife’s name Eve because she was the mother of all living…" [Gen 3:20]


March seems to be the month, particularly in the UK in which we honour women. How Special!!!


This year March 8th will see the marking of International Women’s Day; the uniting of women worldwide to raise issues that concern women globally closely followed by a dedicated Sunday, March 11th to celebrate mothers; ‘Mothering Sunday’ also termed ‘Mother’s Day’


Eve’s name means ‘life giver’ and again ‘mother of all living’… what a powerful and dynamic identity to have and to carry.  The gift of life so precious so much so that humanity, in the main do so much to protect ourselves making much effort to live as long as we can.  In celebration of life we can use these dedicated moments to consider women for who they truly are... the ’life givers’ they are created to be. For in some sense every woman is a daughter of Eve and a life giver herself – whether she has given birth to children or not - this is her identity, this is her motivation, and this is her essence to bring life to all… by the attributes of her womanhood to feed, to care, to nurture and protect as frontline sustainers of growth ….  


Lately, in the News we have heard horrendous stories of a different kind that are far from celebratory however, against this backdrop of crimes of violence against women we can choose to use these devoted days to celebrate those beautiful women around. We can do so not only by the things we do, by the things we give but also by the things we continue to say and think towards them; our mothers, grandmothers, daughters, (in laws), sisters, aunts. We can also choose to pray for women who suffering here in the UK and around the world and for all of those whose experience of mothering is and was far from ideal.


Let's join March with a greater determination to honour these great celebrations of God’s gift of woman/motherhood to the world.


Happy Mothering Sunday...

Pastor Joyce

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God so loved the World that He Gave his only son ...

We are already into the 2nd month of our new year... time flies by so quickly!

At the beginning of the year many of us started the year scurrying off to make great starts on our new year resolutions; some are already faltering, some are steaming ahead with vigour and purpose. And for others we just never got started. Wherever we are and wherever we find ourselves this February…we are reminded that February is universally a time around the world when LOVE is celebrated.  We can stop for a moment…yes take a deep breath and rather than berate ourselves or others for what we could have done or failed to have done- Let’s step into the spirit of love..this Valentine’s Day!

A day that can point us to Love’s true essence - Biblical Love; The Love of God which reminds us all that every individual is worthy of love and worthy of being loved by others because that is how we have been designed.

So let’s be inclusive and decisive this February and spread a little love everywhere we can; your next door neighbour, your local shopkeepers, remember an isolated senior citizen, a single aunt or uncle and the list goes on...Remembering! We have each been designed by God to love and be loved ... let’s try and ensure no one is left out…

Happy Valentines Day

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