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Good Friday is not the end of the story… Jesus was crucified, died, and was buried.  And on the third day, he rose again. The story ends in the victory of Easter Sunday … 


Easter Sunday is commemorated by many with Easter Eggs, Egg Hunts and in the UK it is sandwiched between two Bank Holidays and the start of Easter school holidays. However, for Christians it is more than that, it is a celebration of Hope, retelling of Jesus’ tortuous death as one crucified on the Cross on Good Friday and Jesus’ Resurrection; his coming back to life from the dead after 3 days on Easter Sunday.  An impossible feat to us as humanity but far from impossible for God.  Impossible! A lie! Sceptics cry, though this is the basis for a faith that spans 2000 years plus and still growing. A fact that cannot be measured or quantified by scientific evidence… Jesus’ Resurrection is celebrated by Christians as the greatest Miracle of all time which changed human history forever and far from being a one-off event, it is one that carries power to effect change in our lives at any point beyond it... basically forever…if we simply believe in this mysterious, strange but significant message of God’s Love.   


Easter beckons us to think beyond human limitations and capabilities to the realm of faith that asks us to be open to the possibility and the belief in a personal God, a personal power, a personal Creator of all that is and ever existed ... to a belief in God as represented through the life, teachings and actions of Jesus Christ


Resurrection is more than historical fact … it’s effects are present with us daily and provide not only the basis of Hope but also the power to effect change, transformation and renewal in the most impossible and most dreadful situations, in situations where all appears lost.  What this means for us in daily life is that the evil of our world and time can be overcome by good. That hatred and violence of our time can be overcome by love…it is just a matter of BELIEF!


May you we all find Hope, comfort and renewal through the miracle of Easter 


Every Blessing 


Pastor Joyce 

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God so loved the World that He Gave his only son ...

We are already into the 2nd month of our new year... time flies by so quickly!

At the beginning of the year many of us started the year scurrying off to make great starts on our new year resolutions; some are already faltering, some are steaming ahead with vigour and purpose. And for others we just never got started. Wherever we are and wherever we find ourselves this February…we are reminded that February is universally a time around the world when LOVE is celebrated.  We can stop for a moment…yes take a deep breath and rather than berate ourselves or others for what we could have done or failed to have done- Let’s step into the spirit of love..this Valentine’s Day!

A day that can point us to Love’s true essence - Biblical Love; The Love of God which reminds us all that every individual is worthy of love and worthy of being loved by others because that is how we have been designed.

So let’s be inclusive and decisive this February and spread a little love everywhere we can; your next door neighbour, your local shopkeepers, remember an isolated senior citizen, a single aunt or uncle and the list goes on...Remembering! We have each been designed by God to love and be loved ... let’s try and ensure no one is left out…

Happy Valentines Day

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