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God so loved the World that He Gave his only son ...

We are already into the 2nd month of our new year... time flies by so quickly!

At the beginning of the year many of us started the year scurrying off to make great starts on our new year resolutions; some are already faltering, some are steaming ahead with vigour and purpose. And for others we just never got started. Wherever we are and wherever we find ourselves this February…we are reminded that February is universally a time around the world when LOVE is celebrated.  We can stop for a moment…yes take a deep breath and rather than berate ourselves or others for what we could have done or failed to have done- Let’s step into the spirit of love..this Valentine’s Day!

A day that can point us to Love’s true essence - Biblical Love; The Love of God which reminds us all that every individual is worthy of love and worthy of being loved by others because that is how we have been designed.

So let’s be inclusive and decisive this February and spread a little love everywhere we can; your next door neighbour, your local shopkeepers, remember an isolated senior citizen, a single aunt or uncle and the list goes on...Remembering! We have each been designed by God to love and be loved ... let’s try and ensure no one is left out…

Happy Valentines Day

Our Motto for 2018



Our Pastor and Deacons Pray that the Light of the Lord with Lead YOU in 2018 

Past events 


We thank Eddy Jesudian for coming to speak to us. 

He is the brother of one of our Sisters of the Church and has come from Indian to visit.

We appreciate him taking the time to prepare and share his teaching with us, we look forward to hearing from him again before he goes home again. 


We would like to thank Sharon and her fellow flute players from Opal Flutes for their performance at HOBC at the joint Friendly Hour/ Coffee Morning 

We thank Patricia Zimmerman from London City Mission for speaking at our Harvest service on 25th Sept.

Check out the London City Mission website for their out-reach programs www.lcm.org.uk

Left to Right- Pastor Joyce, Jenny, Mike and Barbra


The members and congregation said a fond farewell but not goodbye to Mike (our student pastor) and his wife Jenny who are taking a long over due holiday whilst The Lord decide's where his next vocation will be.

We wish them well on their travels and look forward to seeing them again soon with an update.


Mohammed's Baptism

A final dedication by Pastor Michael and a wonderful testimony of Mohammed's journey spoken by himself


The moment itself!!




Thank you to all those that attended and made it a wonderful occasion! 


We thank Alan Chopping for playing and entertaining us on his visit from Spain.

It just goes to show you can never really leave Honor Oak or if you do we will find a job for you.

Welcome to Honor Oak Baptist Church, East Dulwich

Our Church offers the comforts of a modern Church interior, with a traditional 100+ years old Victorian exterior. Fully refurbished with disabled access, catering kitchen, large hall and smaller Fellowship room for hire, the Church is iconic in the area and is available for the community. Please get in contact if you wish to get involved or use the building.

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